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Jamaica College 2.0

JC For Life

Message from Principal- Ruel Reid

I am pleased to bring greetings against the background of an exciting second year of transformation at Jamaica College.  

The transformation process has begun in 2006 and we are pleased that we have achieved many of our targets this year. We have refocused the school on a path of excellence. We have improved accountability and discipline among our students and staff.

General beautification of the campus continued, incentives were provided for teachers and prefects, and we improved the general condition of the school. We have also done well at Boys Champs placing 4th and won the Manning Cup and Olivier Shield after 33 years. We have participated as usual in almost every sporting and co-curricula activity available with much success.

The School Campus-Physical Facilities

Significant improvement to campus facilities was done during the summer of 2007.
□    Windows, doors and bathrooms were upgraded
□    Slab roofs were waterproofed
□    Some staff cottages were repaired
□    The roads leading to the school Canteen were paved
□    Classrooms and Science Labs were refurbished
□    Classrooms and external buildings were painted
□    School grounds were landscaped

The academic year 2007/2008 was a period in which we continued to build on a solid foundation established to turn Jamaica College around. We intend to complete our mission by 2012.

Thanks to all members of the team, senior managers, senior teachers, general faculty, administrative and ancillary staff, student leadership, parents, students and old boys local and overseas for the tremendous support provided in making the year a very successful one.

Let me assure clients and stakeholders that The Board of Governors, The Jamaica College Trust and the School’s Administration are all determined to return the school to excellence of performance in all areas of school life.

Jamaica College will be the institution of 1st Choice for, students, for teachers, for administrative and ancillary workers, for all who pass through the hallowed halls of the Jamaica College Campus.

We will with God’s help achieve our goals! May God continue to bless us all and our school, Jamaica College.

 Floriat collegium, fervet opus in campis.

Fervet, forever !!

Ruel B. Reid - Principal
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